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A general Kimberley Tour should be done while in this Capital of the Northern Cape together with its diamond mining past, rich history and the infamous hand excavated mine called the Big Hole.

An approximate 520 kilometers ( 325 miles ) from Johannesburg, and also a solid 955 kilometers ( 595 miles ) from Cape Town, Kimberely patiently awaits her Guests, to present all her people, and offering a unique experience.

With its airport nestled about 6 kilometers South of Kimberely, it is easily accessible from the airport as well. Airport transfers and city day tours typically commence directly from the airport. So one will never be stranded and found wanting for decent bus and coach hire options.

The central city’s Victorian and Edwardian Buildings, makes one feel like you’ve stepped back in time, with some of the buildings dating back to around 1880, most of them having made it onto the South African Heritage Resource Agency’s List of Heritage Sites in Kimberley.

  • The Big Hole
  • Kimberely Mine Museum
  • South Africa’s oldest operating bar called Star of the West Pub dating back to 1870
  • Kimberely City Heritage Buildings

While on your Luxury Coach Kimberley Tour, there are also some other interesting places to visit, namely, the Augrabies National Falls Park, Witsand Nature Reserve, Kgalagadi Transfrontie Park, and then of course the Karoo National Park as well as the Astronomical Observatory based in Sutherland. All these interesting places, demands an approximate 5 > 7 hour travelling time from Kimberley.

A luxury bus hire option for these long distances are ideal. For medium to large tour groups, the 28 seater, 39/40 seater and 48 seater luxury coaches are ideal for your needs.

With these various Kimberley Tours available to you, with diamond mines and all, and set in this whimsical city, it is no doubt required to be included in your Karoo Tour Itinerary to the Northern Cape, South Africa.

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