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East London South Africa, home to white sand beaches that stretch on for miles, the Eastern Cape is home to some of South Africa’s best surfing spots – and in a country that has beaches and surfing spots like Alaska has snow, that’s saying something!
And if you’re looking for a quaint city with old-fashioned values like courtesy and friendliness, look no further than East London.

The only river port in the republic, Buffalo City takes its nickname from the river next to which it sits, the Buffalo. As with so many of the country’s coastal cities, water sports abound, and the mouth of the Buffalo River is a great spot for fishing.


A place for the whole family, East London has plenty to do outdoors as well as in. If the weather’s good, try some sandboarding at the Bonza dunes, head to the aquarium, the Queens Park Zoo or the Lion Park to see cubs.

If it’s bad, the natural history museum – home to the only dodo egg in existence and with an awesome exhibit of the coelacanth, a prehistoric fish thought to be extinct but discovered near East London as recently as 1938 – will keep you entertained.

Between July and December every year, Southern Right and Humpback Whales pop by to say hello and there are plenty of great viewing spots along the coast where you can enjoy a hot or cold beverage while you watch them frolic from a distance.

Worth seeing too is the unusual double-decker bridge over the Buffalo River which was completed in 1935 and is, to this day, is the only bridge of its type in South Africa.

The nice thing about East London South Africa is that it’s well located for access to the Wild Coast as well as the Amatola Mountains. Consider luxury coach rental options when you want to get around in the East London Region. Send us your enquiry by completing the form on to the right of this page.



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