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Various coach rental Namibia options have always been explored by many tour Groups when preparing their itineraries. eAfrica Tours offers a luxury coach hire service for tours across Namibia.

Well known for the Etosha salt pan in the north and The Fish River Canyon in the south, but when one hears the country’s name, most people simply think ‘desert’.

Well there’s plenty more to this gem of a country than just sand – and should you make the trip, you certainly won’t regret it. The country is large – and a luxury bus is a must if you’re planning on seeing the best Namibia has to offer. You’ll spend a lot of time on the road and it can, after all, get pretty hot.

Visit Swakopmund and you’ll see why it’s called the adventure capital of Namibia. Quadbiking in the mighty Namib Desert, paragliding over it or sandboarding down one of Namibia’s famous dunes – Dune 45 or Dune 7 – there’s plenty for everyone.


With 13 seater minivans, 21, 24, 34 and 40 seater luxury coaches to choose from, you have these options at your disposal for short to long tours across. Unfortunately the coach rental Namibia options do not allow for self – drive options.

If you’re going all the way to Namibia, you’d better not miss Deadvlei. It’s home to some 900-year-old Camel-thorn trees, which died about 600 years ago. The place is surreal, and the photographs you’ll take away from here will impress your friends.

Etosha National Park, in the north, is Namibia’s diamond, one of only a handful of places in the world where you can still see black rhino. Dotted with rest camps and watering holes, you can watch as the animals come to drink, bathe and play. You can drive yourself or enjoy a guided tour.

Also in the north, a visit to a Himba tribe would be a step back in time. These semi-nomadic people breed cattle and goats, wear very little clothing and live in huts.

The Skeleton Coast may sound a tad ominous but it’s worth the visit, as is the Fish River Canyon – second in size only to the Grand Canyon – which offers a unique hiking experience. A range of rare wildlife make their home here and the stunning views make this one of Namibia’s top things to do. Even if you don’t plan to walk it, the view of it is breathtaking.

Why not visit the natural warm springs at Ai-Ais while you’re so close. The water relaxes and some would say it even has healing properties. The perfect end to an amazing trip.

Our luxury coach rental Namibia options can be explored and various quotations can be presented. Simply email your proposed tour itinerary to, so that we may provide rates accordingly.



  • NOTE: All services comes WITH Tour Drivers. NO self drive options available.
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