Nelson Mandela – Farewell to a Profound Leader

Nelson Mandela – Remembering A Profound Leader

Nelson Mandela – a name almost every household in the World should know.

Today our Country has lost a Profound and True Leader. He was a Catalyst for ushering in Peace to our Country during a time of tremendous tension, violence and unrest. He wholeheartedly forgave and graciously led others to do the same.

Nelson Mandela and his sense of humour


We fondly remember his dry, yet ice-breaking sense of humour. Some of his remembered famous one liners include:

If he met a married couple, he demanded to know from the lady, “When did you propose to your husband?”

He often said to those whose lives are not distinguished by public office or marked by accolades, “I am so honored to meet you.”

He would often start off a speech by thanking everyone for coming to listen to “such an old man.”

In a conversation he had with a 4-year-old girl who asked him how old he was. Mandela replied, “I can’t remember, but I was born long, long ago.”

On being questioned by one of his grandchildren as to why he does not address the Queen as Queen Elizabeth, and only on her first name, he replied: “Well, she calls me Nelson.”

On another occassion with Queen Elizabeth it is reported that Nelson Mandela complemented “Elizabeth” on her figure by saying; “Why, Elizabeth, you’ve lost weight!”

Arch Bishop Desmon Tutu said of Nelson Mandela, “like a most precious diamond holed deep beneath the surface of the earth, the Madiba who emerged from prison in 1990 was virtually flawless.”

Rest in Peace Madiba – we will all miss you.