Luggage Overload?

Luggage overload – A Tour Operators’ nightmare. When providing Coach hire services to an International Sports Group, this instance  being a leading Olympic Hockey Team, one has to be prepared on all levels to accommodate the deluge of luggage and gear that is carted around with the Team.

Thankfully the Sports Academy of Sport in Stellenbosch has a coach parking facility not too far from the entrance, which means we dont have to trek more than a kilometer with luggage from the entrance to the Luxury Coach luggage hold.

It starts with a trickle – one bag here and another to follow. But then, it starts coming at you in all its glory. 

The key is to pack tight and smart and get the big togs in first and fill in the gaps with the small luggage pieces. An hour of this and you will be in need of a days rest followed by a good nutritious replenishing meal. But for now, a coke and crisps should fuel us to the end. 

We also suggest staying calm as perhaps a bit of panic can set in as the luggage hold fills up, and more bags keep flowing in from the pipeline. A bit of reshuffling here and there, then all is well again. 

But a little help goes a long way, literally. Parting with a 50 bucks (and perhaps a pack of gum and juice) for a little bit of extra muscle power is not too painful when you need help loading these luggage pieces, which oftentimes feels like there are solid gold bars in them. 

For a Team Compliment of 32, we instead scheduled the 65 Seater Conference Coach, which has enough luggage space to cart and negotiate the luggage overload of this International Team, who commands excellent service and solid support. 

Nevertheless, all ended well and the Team was then en route to their new Hotel close to the City to face their match fixtures. 

So, keys to dealing with luggage overflow is too pack smart, schedule a coach at least double in seating capacity of the actual Passenger numbers and tighten your bootstraps and pack away.

You will have a very well pleased Customer, a Tour Manager that is relaxed and a big smile on your face. 


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