Experience the History and Culture of Cape Town

Cape Town Historical Houses

Whether you are in South Africa for only a few days or are planning on spending a considerable amount of time in the nation, Cape Town is the place you want to be. Although there are incredible sights and sounds to take in throughout the country, Cape Town is The Mother City, welcoming you into the country with open arms and giving you access to some of the truly great activities in the entire continent.

Cape Town’s Culture

Part of Cape Town's Culture
Surrounding Cape Town, you are going to find vineyards capable of competing with the best of Europe, Australia and California, not to mention world clash beaches and an old feel of life you just are not able to find back home. So, if this is your first time visiting Cape Town or you have been multiple times, prepare yourself for Cape Town culture and everything the African nation is able to provide you.

Streetwires Cape Town

Streetwires Cape Town Sample
If you are looking to experience Cape Town culture, you really need to see the arts of the country. Art is an important form of expression throughout the world, and this is no different in South Africa. However, the art here is purely unique and unlike anything you are going to see back home. That is why you need to stop by Streetwires. Located at 77 Shortmarket St, Bo-Kaap, this is a sight that truly is amazing. All of the art here is based completely off of Cape Town culture and culture from around the region, built out of wire. Whether you are looking for a work of art to take home or you just want to see the brilliance of these authentic local artists, this is then no doubt something you will enjoy, while peacefully watch them work.

The Baxter Theatre

Built back when the British still remained the power in the land, the Baxter Theatre is the main theatre and concert hall in the city. Within the theatre there are three different venues for you to take in local performances or traveling shows from around the country. There is always something going on here, ranging from dance performances to incredibly musical renditions. There is just something about theatre that is able to showcase the local Cape Town culture unlike any other form of art. With these performances, you can see and become one with the individuals on stage, and although you come from half a world away, you can feel as if you know them intimately. Located at Main Rd Rondebosch, if you are looking to really experience what Cape Town culture is, you are going to find it at the Baster Theatre.

Cape Town Minstrel Carnival

Cape Town Carnival Cultre
If you plan on being around Cape Town on January 2, this is an event and experience you truly need to take in. The traditional march throughout the entire city marks the beginning of Cape Minstrel Festival between different troupes decked out in satin and sequin outfits. Also know as the Kaapse Klopse, there is no doubt that you will gleefully enjoy this parade. Performances rage on throughout the rest of January until the beginning of February. While you can miss the opening of the carnival and still see many of the performances throughout the next monty, there is just something about the opening day you are not going to forget and is unlike anything back home in the United States, Europe, Australia or any other location you are from.

When visiting Cape Town and the rest of South Africa, you are able to see some truly amazing sights that are unlike anything you probably have ever seen before.

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