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Our Day Tours South Africa Experience is sure to satisfy your enquiring mind as to the Culture, People and General Surroundings of our Beautiful Country.

With all of her natural beauty, touring South Africa cannot be done in one day. Our Day Tours with Registered Tour Guides in all major languages can be provided to you and your Guests.


Benefits of using eAfrica Tours as your Day Tours Service Provider:

  • Affordable Individual and Group bus hire rates
  • Professional Insight and Experience to suggest content rich day tours in each City in South Africa and surrounding States
  • Professional Registered Tour Guides in most Languages, namely: English, German, French, Dutch, Scandinavian and Chinese to name a few
  • Detailed customised itinerary selections available to your day tour tastes and preferences
  • Themed day tours available: HIV AIDS, Political, Cultural and Architectural tours to name a few to choose from
  • An established national day tour operations network
  • 24 Hour Emergency Operational Support during your tour
  • Quick emergency decision making in the event of last minute programme/itinerary changes

Day Tour South Africa Services which we offer:

  • Luxury coach and semi – luxury bus hire for various Cities in all regions in South Africa
  • Guaranteed full Museum, Heritage Sites and Ticket Bookings
  • Lunch and Dinner Menu Selections with Restuarant Bookings
  • Private Sightseeing and touring available for a minimum of 2 Passengers to larger Groups

South Africa is truly the Rainbow Nation. The tastes, sounds and colours you will experience, is sure to bless your heart. Simply contact us, for a detailed Day Tour itinerary for any any City in South Africa. We will be sure to present the best handpicked options for you, and also add in the suggestions you might have in mind.



  • NOTE: All services comes WITH Tour Drivers. NO self drive options available.
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