Bus Charter Cape Town

Bus Charter Cape Town services should be relatively easy to secure for your corporate or general tour Group. With Cape Town situated at the tip of South Africa, it is a picturesque, fascinating city with much to offer visitors. It’s an ideal destination for tourists with attractions that include impressive mountains, sandy beaches, interesting nature reserves, wildflowers, charming wineries, the historical Robben Island and many cultural attractions.

Various bus charter Cape Town options and factors should be taken into account. Consider the following when preparing to build your itinerary and requesting costs from local Tour Operators.

Bus Charter Cape Town Sizes

Specify a coach that is appropriately sized for your group, especially if you will be taking overnight ( overland ) tours away from Cape Town as you will need to make sure the coach is luxurious enough and has adequate luggage storage facilities. For larger Tour Groups you could utilize these coach hire options:

52 Seater Luxury Coach
44/48 Seater Luxury Coach
34/39 Seater Luxury Coach

These larger Bus Charter Cape Town options come complete with all luxury amenities: reclining seats with armrests, seat belts, air – conditioning, bonded windows, onboard fridge, on board toilet. A complete list of features can be seen here.

Reputation and Market

South Africa has many coach companies aimed at different segments. Choose a company that is experienced in catering for the needs of your tour group, check their website for testimonials, and don’t hesitate to ask them for names of previous customers so that you can verify that their coaches and facilities are suited to your needs.


Planned Route

Carefully plan your route, taking into account road and weather conditions. However, an experienced Tour Consultant should confidently advise you of alternatives and the best option within budget. All main routes are fully tarred and in good condition, but if your tour group wants to visit places such as the Tankwa Karoo or remote regions such as the Cedarberg mountains, roads are gravel and not well suited to large coaches. In this case, rather opt for a smaller luxury bus charter option like the 13 or 16 seater luxury coach hire option, depending on Group size of course.

Toilets and Passenger Facilities

Check coach facilities, as distances between each major City in South Africa are quite vast, and if departing from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth as an example, these luxury features come in very handy. Even though each large luxury coach has an on board emergency toilet, it is to be seen as such. Periodic body and toilet breaks are built into your trip especially for the longer routes. Where appropriate ensure that the coach has an on board toilet. Reclining seats is a must, and air – con for travelling during the day in those hot summer days.


It is becoming common for seniors to travel, so check what sort of facilities the coach offers. Most modern luxury coaches has air suspension that permits the driver to lower the bus for easy boarding for Seniors who have difficulty boarding a coach.

Entertainment and PA Facilities


It’s extremely useful to have a good public address system with a good working microphone on the coach to share valuable information with the passengers. This commentary is provided by a Registered Tour Guide. If traveling for longer distances from Cape Town, you may be on the road for quite some time, therefore some form of audio or video entertainment will help your group pass the time. Luxury coach hire in Cape Town options come with an on board DVD/CD Player for your enjoyment.


Be sure to specify the level of luxury you want for your tour group as some coaches offer every conceivable comfort, others are more basic, like the 60 seater semi luxury coach.

Coach hire Company

The bus charter Cape Town industry caters for many needs, don’t assume anything but engage with the Tour Consultant to verify that your specific requirements can be met.

Cape Town is a large, sophisticated city and hosts thousands of overseas visitors every year. There are hundreds of things to see and do, depending upon the interests of your tour group. Take time to carefully plan your bus charter Cape Town itinerary as this will help ensure your tour is a great success.

For further assistance with your tour you can contact us or send your itinerary for costing to info@eafricatours.com